Join the Cause!

To build towards electoral success, we are looking for help in the following areas, and we are encouraging everyone to get involved. Ensuring that the 2024 election is a successful one for Republicans in Clay County will require manpower, resources, and finances from dozens of committed volunteers. Regardless of your age, skills, or political experience, there is room for everyone to take part. The specific areas where we need help are:

Executive Board

Besides providing leadership for the organization, the main goal of the Executive Board is to unite the Republicans in Clay County and ensure victories in the 2024 election and beyond. Here we are looking for committed members who are willing to show up to our meetings on a monthly basis, become heavily involved with the group, and provide leadership for the organization and it’s members. Anyone is eligible to join so long as they are approved by the existing board members, regularly attend monthly meetings, and are willing to provide leadership within the organization.


To ensure victories, our Republican candidates must be well-funded. This money will be used to fund and promote Conservative candidates in future elections, as well promoting the message of the organization among the public here in Clay County. In terms of fundraising, we need people who would be willing to find local individuals, organizations, and businesses that can help provide the financial resources needed to reach these goals.


Finally, we are looking for people who are willing to be the hands and feet of the organization. Individuals are needed to raise awareness of the organization, and spread our message throughout the community. Accomplishing this will require volunteers willing to do a variety of tasks.

Such Tasks would include, but are not limited to:

- Recruiting new members to the organization,

- Doing literature drops/door knocking for candidates during election years

- Door knocking in Clay County communities to make the public aware of our organization and message

- Phone banking for candidates, fundraising, or informing the public of upcoming events

These are just some of the various activities that would be asked of volunteers within this area.