August 8, 2022
MN GOP Initiates Legal Action Against Former BPOU Chair Edwin Hahn in Seventh Judicial District Court
Minneapolis, MN – Today, the Republican Party of Minnesota initiated legal action against Edwin Hahn of Moorhead.
“Back in March, the Clay County Republican BPOU – an official local party unit of the Republican Party of Minnesota – duly removed Edwin Hahn as chair in accordance with their Constitution and that of the State Party. Since then, Hahn has acted in a dangerous, erratic, and illegal manner, including threatening party leaders, interfering with legal contracts, and refusing to return party property. While it is unfortunate that his behavior has led us to initiate legal action, we hope Edwin Hahn will cease his unlawful behavior and be held accountable.” – Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann
Hahn, an unendorsed candidate for Senate in District 4, was removed by the Clay County Republican BPOU as chair in March. Since his removal as chair, Hahn has repeatedly and falsely presented himself as a party officer, made unfounded allegations of many kinds, and even made threats against local and state party leaders – including promising to inflict “unrestrained retaliation.” The Republican Party of Minnesota’s action addresses key elements of Hahn’s illegal behavior including fraudulent misrepresentation and tortious interference with a contract. The Party also seeks action to recover possession of the Clay County Republican BPOU’s property.
Since his removal as chair, Hahn has refused to return party property, including event supplies and Republican promotional materials, as well as organizational records and other documents belonging to the Clay County BPOU. Hahn caused the cancellation of the 2022 Clay County BPOU Convention, destroying any chance for local Republicans to elect new delegates and alternates to the 2022 State and Congressional District Conventions. Since these events, Edwin Hahn has also mounted a primary challenge against the endorsed Republican candidate in Senate District 4.